Monday, June 9, 2008

Plenty of New Pictures!

"How's the garden doing?" People keep asking me this question, so I decided it was time to add updated pictures. Enjoy!

First, a beautiful stargazer lily in the lily bed.

Then the veggies and herbs…….

A View of the Whole Garden

Cattle Panel Trellis

Cucumber Trellis

Pole Bean Trellis

One of the broccoli plants, with garlic planted at the corners and a lonely carrot that migrated. (See it in the bottom left-hand corner?)


Scallions (I think I need to thin these!)

Pretty Spinach

Bibb Lettuce (I think the slugs have been snacking….ggggrrrrrrrr!)

My Pathetic Attempt at a Snap Pea Trellis

The Peas Seem To Like It, Though!

Triple Treat Pumpkins

Jack ‘O Lanterns

Better Boy Tomatoes (…with some lettuce underneath! No, those aren’t weeds. J My trellis didn’t fit where I wanted it and the lettuce had just been planted. I figured I would harvest it as baby lettuce instead of ripping it all out.)

Patio Tomatoes and Ground Cherries (Just planted so no sprouting there yet.)

More Patio Tomatoes

One of my patio tomatoes has a flower! Should I pinch it off? They’re not very tall yet.
So there it is so far. I hope to add some close-ups of individual plants tomorrow so you can see some of my herbs and things. I’m having so much fun!


Cathy said...

Your garden is looking so good Jessica.

By the way I tagged you here.

Kira Stewart-Watkins said...

Where did you get the cattle fencing for between the beds? That is ingenious!