Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crab Apples Blooming and Square Foot Layout

Well our crap apple trees in front of the house are blooming and they are so beautiful, I just had to take a picture to share.

I also wanted to share some pictures of the square foot beds and tell you what I have planted so far.

Bed #1: All five squares on the left side are Super Snappy Snap Peas.
The middle row has 2.5 blocks each of Teton Hybrid Spinach and Avon Hybrid Spinach. The five squares on the right are full of Bibb Lettuce, planted with the help of a four year old, which is why there are too many planted. :)

Bed #2: Bed #2: if you read this like a book, blocks 1-9 are still empty, blocks 10 & 11 are carrots (planted today), block 12 is white onion sets, blocks 13 * 14 are yellow onion sets, and block 15 is red onion sets.

Yesterday I finally got bed #2 filled and planted the onion sets. I also got my strawberry bags filled and planted with Ozark Beauty Strawberries. Plus I pulled weeds (a whole wheelbarrow full!), I started a weed garden (more about this another time), moved some daffodils that were mysteriously growing in the middle of my yard so they wouldn't get mowed down, mowed the lawn, and Marc and I moved the swingset and grill and then picked up another load of tiles from my parents' house for our patio. It was a busy day.

Today I planted the carrots, and finally tied my twine to make my square foot beds official. I also managed to get some pots filled with potting soil so that I can plant some flowers and herbs later today. Then I moved the sandbox and other play equipment to their new locations. The yard is looking HUGE without the swingset right in the middle!

Marc and I discussed the new beds we hope to start working on in the next two weeks. He thinks we should do them all in brick so it looks nicer. I can buy bricks like the ones I got free from my mom for 20 cents each, which would be less than $15 for each bed. Since I can't seem to find any free scrap lumber anywhere and would have to buy the 2x4s I think we'll go ahead and do bricks. I think he's right about how it looks, and the bricks will never have to be replaced. We may have to fix them yearly because of frost heave, but that's not a problem.

So that's where I am with the yard and garden. It's keeping me busy!

ETA~I spent three hours this afternoon transplanting my squash, pumpkins, broccoli, and tomatoes. My feet are killing me! Here are some (hopefully) happy squash and pumpkin transplants for your viewing pleasure.


Amy said...

Yay! Pictures! The beds and seedlings are looking so great =)

Mom of 3 Boys said...

I like your brick beds. We have one brick bed and three wood beds. All materials received free :) I use yarn to make the grid.