Friday, April 25, 2008

I Can't Find My Camera!

And the last place I had it was outside! *groan* I guess we'll be using our economic stimulus money for a new camera if I can't find it.

I wanted to show a picture of the bed I just planted my snap peas, two varieties of spinach, and some bibb lettuce in. It's nothing special, but it's my first square foot garden!

I also made a trip to the hardware store for some shop lights and bulbs today so we can rig up the basement after cleaning it out tomorrow. I just don't have a great window for my seedlings to get enough light. A few small pots will fit on one windowsill perfectly, and the broccoli in one of them is growing like mad! I planted them all on Monday, just 4 days ago. The package says seedlings will emerge in 10-21 days! I guess they like the soil, the pot, and the sun they are getting. I wish I had the camera so you could see the little beauties!

Oops, I have to run and get my husband from work, but I'll be back tonight with more rambling.
I'm back, dinner is done, and I'm going to post a bit before I head back outside.

I found the camera! Or rather, it was never lost. Marc took it to work so he could take a few pictures for his boss! *phew* I'm so glad it wasn't lost! So I need to post some photos of my fast sprouting broccoli and the square foot garden. I'll get to it after I do some more yard work. :)

Four day old broccoli. These were the extra seeds that I couldn't stand to not plant. I figured I could use the healthiest looking ones for the garden and compost the rest. I just sprinkled a ton of seeds in the pot, which is why it looks so unruly!

And the scallions are starting to sprout as well! Can you see them?

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