Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Seedling Pictures

Because my favorite blogs are pic heavy!

Jack 'O Lantern Pumpkins

Triple Treat Pumpkins

Spaghetti Squash

Green Goliath Broccoli (before I trimmed to thin a bit)

Green Goliath Broccoli (after the trim...I probably need to trim more, but I was scared!)


Roma Tomatoes

Dark Opal Purple Basil


Chives....planted last year

My First (almost) Square Foot Garden; I couldn't figure out how to do a grid with brick. The rest of my beds will be made of wood. This bed is 5'x3' and has 5 squares of Snap Peas, 5 of Spinach (Avon & Teton Hybrids), and 5 of Bibb Lettuce. Next year I need to remember to succession plant, but I had a 4 year old helper and he was so excited that we just went for it!

And that's where we are with the veggies. It's gotten cold here again, so the plants are going to slow way down in growth rate. I can't wait for it to warm up again so I can get more yard work done!


Amy said...

I'm loving the brick edged bed. It's really attractive! Your seedlings are looking great =)

theblondegardener said...

Thank you so much for the seedling pics. I am a 1st year gardener and was just outside pulling weeds out of my rows and had to stop to get online to make sure I dont pull out the wrong things. lol Your pics were a great help. Thanks again for the pics. Happy Gardening. :)